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Jim Sampson motors and VW Canada giving me the run-around

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Jim sampson motors and vw canada giving me the run-around

About 4 weeks ago my 1998 Beetle all of the sudden died on me! i was on my way home it was friday night. I took it to a local garge(i know local but there is no dealer close by) they look at it , they notice that the engine mounts were left loose the engine had fallen to one side (two months ago i had my timing belt changed. they recomended that i do so! at the dealer) so i drive 300km take the ferry drive to Jim Sampsons motors they replace it and i come home 4 weeks ago everything went crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!

i am a student i have no other car and i live 40km from university these 4 weeks have been hell. Vw Canada told me they would send someone to check on things , all they had to say was that if looks like it was Jim Sampsons fault because it looks like they didn't do their job and that if the bolts were not infact tightened this could have causeed, but they tell me that they can't forse Them to fix it so basically i am fu*k*d! anyone have any advice! because the dealer is like it seems to be the customers fault!!!!
it seems like no one wants to take responsiblity !! the car was workin just fine before i went to the dealer!!!
what do i do???

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Re: Jim sampson motors and vw canada giving me the run-around (whatavw)

You and the local VW rep need to talk to the service manager, and then the owner.
Politely clamp on and don't let go until they tell you (in writing) what they'll do/not do for you.
Then get it fixed and move on...
Re: Jim sampson motors and vw canada giving me the run-around (Jman5000)

I have talked to the service manager and the owner and they don't want anything to do with it they tried to blam it on walmart because i got winter tires put on !!!! what the fudge do they take me for
i think i will have to talk to my lawyer and take actual stepps because i am shocked at what has happened they screw up and then i am let responsible what if i was on the highway ( 5min ) from where i was , on my way home what if i went off the road , what if was hurt!!!
they are totally blowing me off but we will see!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Jim sampson motors and vw canada giving me the run-around (whatavw)

Our family currently owns 3 vw cars my parents are no having any fun with their gti either the cel is a current event!!!! i can say this for sure these are the last vw's that we will Buy from Jim Sampsons! service http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
cars http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
has anyone actaully had to take vw to court!
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