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I know this is off topic, but i figured that i would throw it up here, because I am an A2 person and i want to give the heads up to my fellow A2ers. (GO A2!!)
There is a Job opening in Engineering, Evaluation, and Testing in Westlake Village, CA. This means that you get to drive odd test cars around CA, break them, fix them and diagnose them. I think that you specifically have to deal with CARB (cali air resource board) emissions stuff. The postion has some requirements (which i don't have) but they are not that bad. Usually i look up positions in this dept and the requirements are: Fluent in German and English and a BS in Engineering. This position has neither, just ASE, VW service, knowledge of VW junk, and driveterrain knowledge. It is position # DS-3247, you can find it from the VW homepage, on the drop down menu under [email protected]
If i had the mechanical experience i would drop whatever i was doing and move back to CA (mmmmm, CA...mmmm In-N-Out Burger) to work for VW!!
·High school Diploma
·Technical or vocational training
·5 Years experience VW / AUDI repair at dealer or manufacturer level with focus in powertrain diagnosis and repair
·ASE certified registered technician
·A demonstrated record of successful AUDI / VW Training
·Valid drivers license with good driving record
·Keeping informed on the latest technology and technical information from Audi
·Ability to read wiring diagrams
·PC skills (Word, Excel, MS Windows)
·Excellent teamwork
·Proven communication ability
·Flexibility to changing demands
·Good decision making and problem solving skills

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Re: Job Opening at VW (SauerKraut)

You wanna hook a brotha up with your connection? What is/was your major? What are you going to be doing for them and where?
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