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junkyard power

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Sorry i got a few questions
I was wondering if there were any junk yard parts that could make me go faster??
like any factory parts from other cars that would benefit me in any way!!! also What other fuel system mods can i do to my car??
Is the motronic fuel distributer compatable with my cis-e and does it flow beter or anything like that??
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Re: junkyard power (Hyper4mance2k)

Two-liter short block (9A).
Re: junkyard power (Hyper4mance2k)

ayup... 2L is about the only thing from the yard that will really make a difference
Re: junkyard power (Trav)

Hyperformance2K I'm assuming a motronic distributer won't be compatable since you need it for a CIS-E to motronic conversion.. But that's just my "crazy" theory. Maybe an intake manifold off a 2.0L might make a dif and it might not.. dunno. Maybe an audi throttle body or something? OR do ALL 16v's have good throttle bodies? You could poke around for a K&N filter.. Just a few suggestions.
Re: junkyard power (GTX 16v)

Doubt you'd see a gain but 2.0L lower intake manifolds ports are a bit bigger where it bolts to the head. every little bit right?
Re: junkyard power (BenGone)

hells yea bro every singel little drop
Re: junkyard power (Hyper4mance2k)

ok how bout this:
either head or a bottom end from a 2.0L car,
if u can find another exhaust cam mod it to use as the intake(even hotter than the euro cam
and as always look for used performance parts on the wreaks
happy hunting
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Re: junkyard power (gti1497)

The whole motronic system,
Re: junkyard power (pastpargolf)

how do you conv. a cis-e to motronic?
Re: junkyard power (eastcoastdubs)

more trouble than its worth dont bother
Re: junkyard power (Hyper4mance2k)

a 4K works for me.
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