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Finally found a 1.6TD engine. Off a rare '83 Rabbit TD truck in a local junkyard, score!!! cost me a total of $194 for the complete engine.
I dont know if It's a K24 or K14 turbo. How can I find out?
Besides ebay, is there anywhere else where I can buy a rebuild kit for the turbo. It has little shaft play so Im going to rebuild it just in case.
Here's some numbers off the turbo.
-front of inlet housing: 5324 101 50 96 GW
-side of inlet housing: PT10559G
-rear of inlet housing(ID plate):
KUND NR: 068 145 703C
ALT NR: 83 173 0136
AUSFUHRRUNG: 5324706082

so far i've only had time to clean/up and polish the turbo setup. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

and it will be going in this garbage can.

buh-bye my 1.5D. http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif

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oh yeah, you might wanna go back and grab the fuel filter bracket as it goes back beside where the heater core hoses are, and it has a neat heat shield and stuff, and it really makes a mk1 td look cool, i used a hose clamp and put my fuel filter on a tab on the fire wall. oh yeah, and mk1 tds also usually have clips on the rain tray that hold the fuel line

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Re: (coolerow)

hey on the real td jettas the right headlight surround is different from standard,its more cut out for airflow to the airbox
did ja grab the "factory" cold air setup that the td's have? if it had it
yea you could get the fuel filter bracket and stuff,or you can mount a std diesel fuel filter bracket where ever ya want,like this
yea ive whored this out,but its a good reference pic
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