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Re: Just bought 2002 1.8T Black/GrayCloth Sport Lux.... ahhhhhhhhhhh (elRey)

Bragging continues ..... (sorry, I fully realize what I'm doing and it sickens me,
but I have to, it's a VW Jetta 1.8T 5M for God's sake
I traded in my '93 black pathfinder 145 K after lusting over the Jetta
for about 2 yrs now
what Iwanted - black on black leather 24v VR6 6M sports luxury
what I could afford - black on black cloth 1.8T 5M.... that's it
what I got - black on gray cloth 5M sports luxury and monsoon
for $500 down and $80 more a month than my pathfinder payment
which I'll save $60 / month in gas

Modified by elRey at 11:53 AM 12-19-2005
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