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Just bought a new 2003 GTI VR6 under invoice, Need rear spoiler help, etc..

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Hey guys and gals,
I'm new here, but not to a foum board. I've been searching for a daily driver for awhile. I rode in a friends 2001 or 2002 GTI 1.8T, not sure of the year, and I really liked it. Stopped by my local VW dealer Sat. to browse and ended up buying one myself. I have a 2001 Lightning truck that's drinks some serious gas and hauls a$$.
Looking to buy a spoiler, VW parts dealer said he can order one for about $350.00 painted, I am supposed to be able to buy it at dealer cost???
Got a Tornado Red car to go with the Red L. I have my very own "Mini Me" to drive..lol
What thread does all the GTI people hang out on?
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don't worry, im sure your not cute
j/p. but yeah 1.8T and 24V are two pages "back" if you are reading this.
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