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Re: Just bought Yokohama A520's, anybody have 'em? (vwfus][on)

I'm on my second set. If I buy a set of tires twice... I must like them.

Unfortunately, I don't have many choices, but they were, by far, the best of what I had to choose. One set of 205/45-16, and one set of 215/40-16.
They take abuse very well. The tread blocks are big, and therefore, wear very flat. I race auto-x and road course, and never have uneven wear. They do have a very loud casing, but that's a side effect of their stiff construction, which you will like, if you like quick responsiveness.
They are scary in the rain, and IMO, worse when they have tread. (Bald, they just skip right over the water... with tread, they pull). When the temperature drops, so does the grip. Make sure you have an extra winter set if your climate required driving in temps below 45 degrees. They will cheeze-grate quickly if you skitter around on cold pavement. (As will any summer tire). Trying to drive these tires in the snow would be absolute suicide.
If I wasn't getting another car for a daily driver, and fitting the GTI with R-compound rubber, I would probably get another set.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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