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Down at the 12 Hours of Sebring this week, there was a white R8 that we were granted access to a few times. So what's the first thing we did when we got there? ... Grabbed the keys to the R8 of course.
We left the track and headed out for a cruise on nearby Route 27 to watch other car enthusiasts headed toward the event... hopeing to run back into the guy in the ZO6 that we'd encountered while in a Q7 TDI. No such luck on the Corvette, but then we looked in the mirror and saw this thing. The 1000hp Bugatti Veyron. The R8 is fast, but the Veyron is a something else with twice the cylinders and... oh yeah... the turbos.
The owner pulled up next to us at a light. Nice guy. He mentioned he had a black R8, along with an Ariel Atom and a 911 GT3 RS that his buddies were driving around. That's a pretty impressive garage we must say.
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