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Just got back from Chicago Auto Show - Saw new 200hp GTI VR6 ...

if this has been posted yet ... sorry! i know people have been curious to know what the new GTI VR6 would run, especially with the outrageous prices popping up for the jetta (almost $28k)
the sticker price for the 2002 GTI VR6 - 200hp/6spd was listed at $23,325. the price included leather and destination fees. the car displayed at the show was rave green with 17's and no sunroof. BTW ... the car also had included a 4 motion rear valence with dual tips. the tips looked better and sat evenly, unlike the pics ive seen on here coming on the new jetta vr6's.
i asked the VW rep they had there whether the 17's were included in the price. she originally said "yes" but when we looked at the sticker of the car more closely, she realized there was error and the price of the monte carlos should have been included in the optional package area. we assumed adding another $500-$600 on the listed price for the wheels.
i just thought i would share ...

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