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Man oww man, what a night
Won 2 times, lost 2 times, ran from the cops
Wooo, let me tell you
Beat a CRX twice
Raced a stock GST(so he said) really you can tell it was an GSX, with alot of poop done to it, and HE friggin SPRAYED!!!!!
I was smokin him, untill the end, all of a sudden before we hit the white line, his ass just leaps ahead of me, just flew right by, im like WTF!!! but we didnt race for money so its all cool
My freinds GTP tore poop up, he was smokin everycar, untill the cops came, then we met up at a gastation, and this mustang wanted to race him, so we bet 25 bucks, we lost cuz the mustang guy lied, siad all he had was an exaust, untill he told us everything!!!!!
Oww well, it was a great night, and being the only VW out there, hearing people say GO GTI!!!! makes it all worth it, even tho ies an hour away
Just wanted to share my story, My advice is, go out there and show them what VWs made off
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