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So I just drag'ed my car for the first time and it was rather exciting!!!!
I didn't do so good, but did "ok" if you want to call it that. I was a lil timid to test my car to it's fullest, but here is how it went:
For my frist run, all nervous and palms sweaty, i had AC off but forgot to turn off ESP . Get up to the starting gate and i'm against some 400hp Chevy wagon(can't remember what it was). REv up to 3K, light turn green and ESP kicked my ass! horrible launch!
I don't have a scanner here, but here is my time slip:
R/T .597
60' 2.620
330 6.812
1/8 10.247
MPH 72.47
1000 13.146
1/4 15.610
MPH 91.63

So a bit sad that i forgot to turn off ESP, i get back in line to do it again. Making sure ESP was off this time, i get up to the light and line myself up first. Watching the light, almost forgot to rev it up, i only went to 2500 on the up swing and got a OK launch(would have been better if i was at a higher RPM, but i almost forgot to rev it up in the first place). Here is how i did the second run
R/T .521
60 2.297
330 6.414
1/8 9.821
MPH 72.64
1000 12.702
1/4 15.126
MPH 91.29

I think i was shifting too soon between shifts. I shifted at 5,500RPM except 3rd gear! my friends said it looked like i was shifting bad from 1st to 2nd.
I'm going back to the track this weds or Friday again to try and do better. Not bad for my first time ever running.... What do you all think of how i did for my first time?

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