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Just got me an a3 dash for my a2 need help...

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I've been studying all the posts about this but I wanna make sure I get all the parts...I just ask to get everything and here's what I got:
-practically everything including dash, the speedo, vents, knobs for climate control, lights switches, wiring, steering column
-the heater core/blower assembly
-I haven't totally checked the stuff cuz it got dark and it's in da truck...but
Also, anyone got a pic of the knee bar? I keep hearing I need it...can some1 describe what it should look like? The only thing left on the firewall is the peddle assembly that has the metal bracket welded into the firewall or something to attach the dash?...do i need to go back and get that? It looked like its welded into the firewall or something. Also can you use the mk2 console with the dash?
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