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Well, the car is starting to turn out how I want. I figured I would just show what I'm working with.

How I bought the car:
Around 107,000 miles
Reflix silver
1.8, stock turbo
Forge 077 DV
Some gay hot air intake
gli wheels with BBS center caps
TT short shifter
Unitronic stage 2, peaks @ 24psi
Down syndrome projector lights
other small stuff

k04 with APR inlet pipe
Airlift bagzzzzzz
Rep wheels of course, cause I'm 17:laugh:
Double DIN
and a big ass banner for the crew

Future Plans:
Paint the sideskirts in my garage
20th front & rear valence
New cluster
Vent pod for air gauges
Put on my camber plates
IDF drop plates
spacers for the rear
shave the hood, bumper, hatch.
new seats
better fitment

Follow me on instagram for more updates if you would like: I will try to update this as much as possible as well. @filmertyler

My first car, 04 GLS. 2.Slow. Hence my name on here. 68,000 miles. Sold it for $7k.

Moved onto this for a little bit, bought it stock. Went through some changes.

Had a wrx for about a week, missed my RSX, bought it back. Sold it 2 weeks later:laugh:
Then figured I would come back to the VW game, I missed it. Picked this up $6,000. Pretty good deal to me :thumbup:

Had some fun on the way home, made a 4 hour trip to pick it up..

Cleaned it up the next day

Doing hoodrat racing **** haha I blew up the k03 in about a month..

Paid a tard to rebuild it, car gets done 2 weeks later. Won't go into boost at all. I got mad and launch it then this happened..

So it sat for about a week

After going through TWO k03's, I decided to go k04

I also ended up buying a Forge TIP. I bought it around Christmas time. Car literally sat for over a month due to them being out of stock, and closed. I paid an upcharge and just got an APR in 2 days:banghead:

In the mean time I got this done

Got the inlet pipe on, and turbo back in. Annoying, but done.

Had some long beaches, but sold them for extra cash.

Then, used extra cash to buy this:laugh:

..and some more cash

Took off all the fanboy stickers.

Got everything ready to install at the shop.

Notch, lines ran, and everything ready to put on.

Someone sell me a gauge pod.

And that brings us to now, tires are on the way. They will be here in a few days.
Wheels are 18x8 +30, 18x9 +33. Right now there is no spacer in the back. There is a 15mm up front. I plan to run a 25mm in the back, or possibly 15mm as well
Tires are 205/35 all the way around.

updates coming soon:laugh:

Got the tires on, this is how the car is sitting. I wanting to get a little bit lower in the back. Currently on Koni sport shocks which are for a 2" drop. Anyone know how I can get lower in the back? And in the front. lol enjoy..

2 Bar grill came in. Got started on all the shaving yesterday, these pictures aren't updated. The hood and bumper is done and looks a lot better than the pictures listed. I will post new ones tomrrow.

In other news, the GE(general electric) up the road from my house caught on fire for a full 2 days.

Also, burned a hole in a line so i made sure that sh!t was pulled back haha

IDF Drop plates and false floor coming soon! If anyone is in the KY area, southern roots is coming up:laugh::laugh:

just some pictures of all the shaving work, as got a new shifter boot and knob:laugh:

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