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Just outta curiosity.. (map pockets)

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Are all map pockets the same length? speaker/nospeaker/bigdoor/smalldoor..etc..
thanks in advance
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Re: Just outta curiosity.. (lyledriver)

I think they are all the same length but there are small differences in some. The ones that don't have speakers have a small pull out cubby hole. And the cars with passive restraint seatbelts have a notch in them for the seat reel. Other than those small changes yeah I think they are all the same length.
Re: Just outta curiosity.. (lyledriver)

If you mean will they all interchange? yes, i have AKTIV pockets in my car where there were speaker-less ones.
Re: Just outta curiosity.. (Caleb)

okay so they all use the same mounting points? (ends and middle support)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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