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Just pulled the trigger - Any tips?

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Thanks to all for the wonderful information on this forum.
Last night, the wife and I finally purchased a silverstone grey Passat Wagon GLS (Automatic, Lux Pkg., Monsoon, etc.). We got a great deal (I think) and service from the dealer was excellent.
Anyway, this will be the first VW I have owned since my 1976 Super Beetle. Can anyone provide any tips for the newbie Passat owner? Any quirks or things I should know?

BTW, the grey Wagon looks great in the driveway next to my silver Miata.
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Re: Just pulled the trigger - Any tips? (clash1)

You will love the Wagon. It's funny blowing up the mountains loaded with camping gear and watching the SUV's fall behind...
As far as advice, I would just keep reading here at the B5 Forum. You will find a lot of dedicated Wagon owners with good advice. A couple of things to consider soon are the Weathertech Cargo Liner and the Mercedes Cargo net. They are great for keeping the back of your car clean and groceries, etc, stowed. Use the search function to find out more details. Did you get the factory wood kit? If not, for like $220, you can go to woodtrim.com and get a beautiful, easy to install wood kit with twice the pieces of the factory kit. Then there's the chip and K&N filter upgrades too. Enjoy and good luck. -pd
Re: Just pulled the trigger - Any tips? (FLYWGN)

welcome to the variant owners club!
I ditto the post above about the liner and net.......also it does take a bit of time to get used to the turbo.......you'll find that easing on the gas gets better results than flooring it.....there is a hesitation if you step on it......it's not a big deal my old corrolla did the same thing and it wasnt a turbo....I think i'ts because to the auto tranny........ the tranny will get used to your driving and smooth out nicely....mine was a little rough from first to second but now has broken in and is smooth as silk........I would keep and eye on the fluids for the first 5000mi also.....I burned a little coolant in 90 degree weather during break-in and had to top off with the super special secret coolant that VW's use....I thinks iT's something like G-12 type coolant.
Now someonewill have to give you the varinat pass word and secret handshake
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Re: Just pulled the trigger - Any tips? (FLYWGN)

welcome to the variant owners club!

whoops double post

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Re: Just pulled the trigger - Any tips? (FLYWGN)

can you post some pics of your wood trim? would love to see how it looks.
Re: Just pulled the trigger - Any tips? (Dun Roamin)

Just saw a Group Buy on clubb5.com on the wood trim. Good until end of Feb...
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