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Re: K03 Maximum Boost??? (TexasVWdriver)

Ok well that all depends, pump gas it seems that a little over an average of a 1 bar chip seems to be the max with some decent timing. That owuld mean it runs about 1 bar down low, picks up to a little over 1 bar and tapers down to a little under 1 bar. By this I mean sustained boost not boost spikes.
FWIW, audigirl (mygirlfriend) has a race chip for her A4 that runs about 1.3-1.4 bar down low and tapers off to about a 1.1-1.2 bar up top. This chip also has some nice timing which I have yet to actual do some logging on. Others have used this chp over periods of time and are having no problems, although i would not recommend this for every day use. She uses it only for drag racing, and since she is temporarily without a license, I get to play with it on the street too and from the track while we are using up the rest of the race gas, boy is that fun

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