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K04 Upgrade...

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http://www.ecstuning.com offers a brand new OE unit for $950.00
What other mods would I have to do to my car (2002 GTI GLS) if I replace my K03 with this turbo? Or could I get away with just swapping them?

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Re: K04 Upgrade... (ihavenoidea)

You would need a chip tuned for the K04 to take full advantage. If you already have a K03 chip it will cost you very little. Otherwise, $300-500. That's all you really NEED.
Re: K04 Upgrade... (ihavenoidea)

so.. that bolts right on?? wategate comes with??
Re: K04 Upgrade... (footose)

I dunno! I emailed ECS to find out the scoops. I will post their reply

[Modified by ihavenoidea, 12:48 AM 11-23-2001]
Re: K04 Upgrade... (footose)

quote:[HR][/HR]so.. that bolts right on?? wategate comes with??
Yes. It looks exactly like the stock turbo except the turbine designs are different and the compressor inlet is SLIGHTLY bigger on the K04.
Re: K04 Upgrade... (dbrowne1)

Hell yeah!
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Re: K04 Upgrade... (ihavenoidea)

i want to know too wheres that email response??? let us know alright thanks.
Re: K04 Upgrade... (blueabdjetta)

Probably won't get a response until Monday

I'll be sure to post it
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Re: K04 Upgrade... (ihavenoidea)

I don't believe anyone has software for 2002 1.8T's with a k04 but I may be wrong ... i think this because those turbos [AWW k03, and the new engine code) are a lot better than the early 2000-2001 AWD k03
Re: K04 Upgrade... (Levish)

Why would you go from the 2002 turbo (awu?) to the k04? I dont beliueve its worth it.
Maybe for the 2001 AWD and 2000 models, but certainly not a needed upgrade for aww and agu owners.
I say t3/t4
Re: K04 Upgrade... (Silver_1.8T)

$950 doesn't sound like that great of a price. Haven't there been group buys for like $800?
Re: K04 Upgrade... (jasonhouse)

Theres a guy on the classifieds selling brand new one for $800
Re: K04 Upgrade... (Levish)

You will need the turbo, a set of crushwashers(oil cooland lines), studs/nuts for the dp and gaskets about $50.(do a search for part numbers)Extra pink coolant. Some guys take off the exhaust manifold. Do yourself a favor and replace the nuts and gasket ($60), unless you want to go back and tighten up a loosening manifold.(VW recommends this, nuts are one time use). The other way is to take the turbo off only.
The chip is the key for unleashing K04 power, the GIAC works extremely well, APR seems to work ok but is not specific. The UP is still under development.
But one thing you have to remember when modding, be prepared to trouble shoot, find a good reliable VW specialty shop to help you out. Sometimes dealers will deny to work on modded cars
Re: K04 Upgrade... (jasonhouse)

There's been a couple of GB's for $800-ish.
At the same time $950 is not a BAD price. It's better than most places.
But on the AWP engine you should already have a K04 turbine wheel.
I don't think it'd give you mind-blowing gains. And you need the programming to go with it.
I'd go 1 bar chip, DV, DP/cat, exhaust. That should getcha 200+whp no problem.
Re: K04 Upgrade... (Jman5000)

I'd go 1 bar chip, DV, DP/cat, exhaust. That should getcha 200+whp no problem.[HR][/HR]​
175whp in my case lol
Re: K04 Upgrade... (Silver_1.8T)

On the 2002's if they have larger injectors and larger MAF(as some suggest) plus the AWW turbo to keep the 4 yr warranty I would do a chip(switchable to stock mode) and a good intake and exhaust, plus some minor undetectable mods and keep it like that! 215-225 crank hp is good!
Re: K04 Upgrade... (9VW23yrs)

One little known fact - IF you have a AWW or newer turbo and you buy a K04 - you'll need to buy a NEW turbo inlet pipe - the stock one will not fit on properly BUT one from an AWD will. So that leaves you with options of a)stock awd from the dealership, b)neuspeed one (for awd) c)ABT one (again for AWD) . Either way - it's another $160+ you have to spend...
Re: K04 Upgrade... (Gambit)

Here was my question>>>
The OE K04 turbo you have for the 1.8T costing $950.00 What other mods
will I need to accompany this turbo. New chip? Does it include a wastegate
or can I swap from stock to this model. Basically what all do I need to do
to swap this properly? My car is a 2002 GTI GLS
Here was his answer>>>
If you have a APR chip the K04 runs fine & is a bolt on
all you need is gaskets.
There is no particular KO4 chip for your car & I don't think it will
be made because you have a KO4 hybrid turbo on your car already
Will the KO4 give you more HP=yes, but not as large of a difference
as they will on the AWD engines
Hope this answers your questions, if you have more feel free
to contact us again
Tom http://www.ecstuning.com
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Re: K04 Upgrade... (Silver_1.8T)

175whp in my case lol
Just curious if you happen to have anyting disconnected, ie speed sender on teh trans. I busted mine putting my trans back in and the lasdt time I dyno;d it was still not working, most I could get out of the car was 180 wheel, whle I have dyno'd at well over 200 wheel many other times. The car runs liek crap and bucks alot with it not on, and I can see a nice increase in power now that I have put the new sender on. Will be tossing it on the dyno either friday or some day next weekn if I get a chance, i am sure I will be bck over 200.
[email protected] http://www.pdperformance.com (in progress)
Re: K04 Upgrade... (ihavenoidea)

I guess he forgot to quote you a turbo inlet pipe - add ~$160 for one.
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