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K04 vs. K04 ( not a typo ), please read....

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There's a post with a picture of 2 turbos, If I'm not mistaken they are both K04's. Is the K04 on the right from another vehicle ( VW/Audi ) or is it just the big brother in the KKK family of turbos ? The one on the right has the same funky bend as the K03 but the lefty is obviously different. I'm new so cut me some slack if this sounds stupid. I'm just trying to figure out if that funky K04 is from another VW/Audi. TIA !
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Re: K04 vs. K04 ( not a typo ), please read.... (Unchained)

The big k-04 on the left is out of a Audi TT225Q .It is very different then the k-04 001 on the right and requires some costum pipe work to get it to fit.These BIG TT k-04 kits seem to be around $3,000 and can make close to 300 crank hp.
Re: K04 vs. K04 (Unchained)

Im not sure wich one you think is funky.In the pic as you look at it on you screen the turbo on the left hand side is out of a Audi 225Q TT (Bigger one) and the turbo on the right is for use in a Golf/Jetta MK4 1.8T car (Smaller one).
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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