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Kahn RSS's or RSR's

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I looked into getting some BBS CH wheels but its not gonna work too wide, and I really like the RC's or RXII's but are a little too much right now with all the motor, tranny and brake upgrade work I'm getting done.
So I was thinking of some RSS's or RSR's from Kahn, how is the strength of these wheels? do they bend easy?
oh any pictures of these on a Ginster?
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Re: Kahn RSS's or RSR's (wuznme)

Still sellin?
Sorry for not responding...jealous x-girl snooped around my mailbox and deleted your info!!!! Im getting my car fixed soon..then ill have the money! Also are the coilovers still on the dub???
Re: Kahn RSS's or RSR's (wuznme)

Here are the RSRs on a Golf IV courtesy of Edge Racing...

and the RSSs...my fave...

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Re: Kahn RSS's or RSR's (SpecialKDog1)

The Kahns are definitely strong as we have yet to hear of a person with a bent one. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have about the kahn lineup
800-489-5353 ext 207
Re: Kahn RSS's or RSR's ([email protected])

I had RS-R's on my car, they are strong as hell.
Re: Kahn RSS's or RSR's ([email protected])

I think I have made my final decision...those wheels are really hot! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Kahn RSS's or RSR's (J3GTI)

I had a set of RSR's they are strong but heavy.......I did bend two of them. it was a pretty mean pothole though.....think the rims are like 27 lbs without rubber (17's)
Re: Kahn RSS's or RSR's (98vr6HONDAeater)

RSR's on a golf, GTI, or hatch
RSS's on a jetta or larger car
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