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I work with a guy named Chris Post. The people in the attached article were his brother, sister-in-law, and niece. Please keep their family in your prayers over this tragedy.
Still can't believe this happened!

Filed at 9:56 p.m. ET
DENVER (AP) -- A driver called 911 and warned authorities
that something ``doesn't look right'' an hour before a
40-ton girder dropped from a freeway overpass and killed
three people, but a crew failed to examine the beam because
of a miscommunication, officials said Monday.
State Patrol Major Jim Wolfenbarger said the caller was
patched through to a dispatcher after noticing the 100-foot-long girder over Interstate 70 had ``rolled'' two to three feet on Saturday.
``It may not be a big deal, but I've done bridge
construction in the past and it doesn't look right,'' the caller is heard saying on audio released to the public Monday.
The caller, who was not identified, called the girder an
I-beam at times. However, the dispatcher summed up the
problem as a sign dangling from the highway and the caller
did not challenge that description.
The caller's name will not be released until he speaks with National Transportation Safety Board investigators, sheriff's spokeswoman Jacki Tallman said.
A transportation crew sent to the overpass found a sign in
the median, but told authorities the problem could be fixed later and left.
State transportation officials said the girder plummeted
into traffic after temporary braces holding it in place
gave way, shearing off the top of an SUV and killing a
family of three. The victims were William J. Post, 34;
Anita M. Post, 36; and their 2-year-old daughter, Koby
``It's a very regrettable situation,'' Wolfenbarger said.

The dispatcher, a five-year veteran, was placed on paid
leave pending the investigation.
``We simply don't have the answers yet. It's a baffling
tragedy and one that concerns us,'' Gov. Bill Owens said.


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Re: Keep them in your prayers........ (#1 S T U N N A)

definately a terrible tragedy

i'm sure a quick call from the dispatcher could've easily resolved the problem...people are too fuxin lazy

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Re: Keep them in your prayers........ (GS Audio)

I read about that in the paper this morning, unbelieveable, pretty freak accident.
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