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Key problems!

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Hey, need some help

Go to unlock and open the hatch to put my books in it on my way to school. The doors unlock but that hatch wouldn't, no responce nothing. I'm like WTF. So I start the car, shut it down and then try the key again and it works fine the hatch opens. I'm like good problem solved.
Key works fine to lock the doors after I get to school, I used the inside hatch release.
But I went out to check something and my key wouldn't work at all. I sat there pressing all the buttons and after the 20th try the lock button worked and then several tries later the unlock and then later the hatch. I got my car last week in August so it shouldn't need a new battery, and the chin trick didn't work, the light was lighting up and everything.
Anybody know what could be wrong with it? I'm going to get my other remote key when I go home and see if it works then I'm calling my dealer. I've got <12000mi and my car is less than 1 year old so they should replace the key for free if it is the key right?
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Re: Key problems! (landrumdh)

gee thanks for ideas on what's wrong

But I just tried my other key and it works fine. Anybody know how to change the batteries on the remotes, since I have both here at work, might as well swap batteries in them and see if that's the problem.
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Re: Key problems! (landrumdh)

I heard, and this is strictly a rumour, but you have to take your key to the dealership for a battery change.
Re: Key problems! (FASTGOLF)

quote:[HR][/HR]I heard, and this is strictly a rumour, but you have to take your key to the dealership for a battery change.[HR][/HR]​
GRR well they better not charge for it. My car is just 6months old with only 8k on it!
Re: Key problems! (landrumdh)

UPDATE : called dealership they said they are going to reprogram all 3 keys, and then do whatever else needs to be done to fix the problem.
so hopefully by friday evening I'll have 2 functioning remotes again. And they guy said since my car is an '02 I'm covered
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Possible premature battery drain?

Say the average remote usage is 3 seconds of the button being depressed.
And you do that 6 times a day
365 days a year
for 10 years.
that works out to 18-1/4 hours of button press time.
If you store the remote with something laying on it holding a button down,
does the battery die in less than a day?
(3 seconds x 6 times a day x 365 days x 10 years = 65700 seconds / 60 sec/min = 1095 minutes / 60 min/hour = 18.25 hours)
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Re: Possible premature battery drain? (JetTurbo)

Nope, if you read the manual the key stops transmission after so many seconds if you hold the button

It's wierd after 3years of useage my parents haven't had to replace batteries in thiers yet, and mine goes wacky after a couple months.
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