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I am down at the mall going to the movies and as I am coming up no a light I see a Golf, he is in the lane beside me in traffic so I go on past him and stop at the stop light about 3 cars in front of him.....I noticed he had exhaust, so I figured he might see my 1.8 with the red"T" on the back of my car and realize that I was chipped(I have nothing else on my car right now to distinguish me from other passats, need $$$). Anyways, I guess he say because he jumps out of his line and comes up behind me, the light goes green and I get on it, he goes to but he went after, didn't matter I was pulling on him anyways. The next light then goes red and we both stop and I roll down my window and ask "are you chipped?", he said no, and then revved his engine and said he had a VR6, man those VR6's sound SO SWEET!! Anyways, I told him I was chipped and told him my 1/4 mile time, he was like "no poop?", I said yep, so he started to rev match his engine at around 3k rpms while the light was still red, I then proceeded to rev to my launch point, we both had big smiles, the light goes green and we both get good starts, I pull 1/2 car in first, but he evens up the score when I shift, I then am back on the power and put him next to my rear bumper and power shift to third and continue to pull, then he shuts it down. Great guy, I never caught his name or asked him if he was on Vortex, if your out there man good race, maybe we can meet up sometime. Anyways, it was a GTI VR6 with an exhaust and it was black. So there you have it, no flames, just was showing the dub love.
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