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Kinda random...

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I never really liked the new Passats until last night when I got a ride home in one...

SO smooth on the road, great interior styling http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Better than the A4 I rode in a month ago

You guys have really nice cars...if only my dad was into VW's
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Re: Kinda random... (DubberFromCT)

Thanks! Maybe you could convince your Dad to take a test drive, 'just for the fun of it'. That's how I sold a good friend of mine on Passats. He loved Infinity's as much as we love our VW's. I tossed him my keys one night to take a spin around the block. By the time he returned (1 hour later), he vowed that his next car would be NOT an Infinity, but a Passat. Sure enough, the next week, he was the proud owner of a 2000 B5.
Driving is believing!
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