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Allright... I have a 1991 Cabriolet with Digifant and a knock box (of course). Digifant is the same as Motoronic for all of you haters.
If I understand correctly, the knock box retards timing to prevent knocking. How far can the box retard the timing? if i set my timing to 30 BTDC will it fix it for the situation (not for real, i'm just trying to grasp the system). If it has a limit, what is it? Does it restore (advance) the timing at any point? if i run 87 octane in my car it would of course retard the timing, so if i run 93 after some 87 will it advance to the highest setting the 93 can sustain or will it stay back at the 87 setting? Where should i set my timing to get the best performance without trashing the engine or sacrificing much fuel mileage?
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