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So about for a little while now the car has been running like poop. Bogging down under load but does not always doing it. Some times in 2nd mostley in 3rd then some times in 4th.
Went to a shop and they pulled the codes and it only says defective knock senser.?
So my question is what symptoms a bad knock senser would give. So far I have replaced the fuel filter and mad sure nothing else looks wrong. Will put in new plugs and plug wires tonight as two plug wires have deep wear marks from the throttle cable.
Any insight into things to check let me know. I can not see any thing wrong with the coil pack. Not sure the best way to check that.? All I know is that it is driving me nuts. Taking her in Thursday for a computer check and a compresion test and leak down as well. Car has 106,000 miles.
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