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2012 GTI
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Oof, yeah rear knocking noises have been the absolute bane of my existence.

Ok, first question: Did you install your sway bar while the wheels were under load (ie on rhino ramps as opposed to on a lift with the wheels hanging)? That seems to be the most common mistake people make when installing sway bars. (And I am saying that not knowing your background with working on cars) If so it will cause a phenomena called preload where the sway bar will not twist the way it is designed. If you did install it while the wheels were hanging, id suggest doing it again using rhino ramps or something similar where the suspension is compressed and wheels are on an flat surface.

Number 2: Did you torque everything to spec? Here is the table I use when I am doing suspension (not mine, took it from another VW site):

3. Are your end links adjustable? If so, it is possible that the lock nut has come loose...an issue I had with my white line rear end links after I first installed them.

If all of this fails (or maybe you want to check this first) check the spare tire well. I had dropped sockets and plastic screws in there that I have no idea how they got there and it was driving me crazy. I had always gone back to the last thing that I changed which was the rear shocks not remembering that I had done some tinkering in the trunk area without really cleaning out all of my tools... needless to say, it happens and it wouldn't hurt to look. Also check that your spare tire is secured properly.

Just my $0.02, I hope this helps.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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