Created by Ben Pon in the 1940s, the Volkswagen Type 2 has gained a cult following due to its outright practicality and the role it played in the counter-culture movement of the 1960s.  Production of the Type 2 finally ended on December 31st, and the video below is sort of an "in memoriam" piece created for the iconic model by Volkswagen Brazil and hosted to their official YouTube channel.

Check out the video and the full description from Volkswagen Brazil below.

As a tribute to the people who were a part of its life, the VW Type 2 (Kombi) fulfills its last wishes.

The VW Type 2 (Kombi) was created by Dutchman Ben Pon in the 1940's. He came up with a combination between the reliable mechanical set of the Volkswagen Sedan and a light load vehicle. Adopted in Brazil, the name "Kombi" is an abbreviation of the German word Kombinationsfahrzeug -- meaning "combined vehicle". In Germany the model was called VW Bus T1 (Transporter Number 1).

In recent years, despite the competition of bigger vans sold in the Brazilian market, the VW Type 2 was still the favorite among many clients. From September 1957 to September 2013, over 1,560,000 units were produced in the São Bernardo do Campo plant.

The documentary took six months in the making. The film gathers scenes from people who went through special moments with a Type 2, going from Owings Mills, in the suburbs of Baltimore (USA) -- where designer Bob Hieronimous receives a gift from the car --, all the way across the ocean to Amsfort, in the Netherlands, where the Kombi meets its brother Ben Pon Jr. before finally leaving.

Thanks to Benjamin for the tip!