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Konig Imagine (17") on a black Jetta

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Anyone have any pics of them? I am strongly considerign them and would like to see what they would look like on my car before I do anything. And does $1,1249.00 USD sound good for a package of four and four "low Profile tires" (205/40/17 or 215/40/17 or 215/45/17)?
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Re: Konig Imagine (17") on a black Jetta (Mizzy)

The 17's are only 17x7 which aren't that wide... go one step up and get the 18's which are wider!

But if you decide to stick with the 17's you'll need tire size 225/45-17.
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Re: Konig Imagine (Deception)

18 x 7.5 or 18 x 8.5 prices are $1,649 and $1,679 respectively (Tires 225/40/18 or 235/40/18 or 215/35/18). Sound like a deal or keep shopping?
Re: Konig Imagine (Mizzy)

Pics? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller? Beuller?
Re: Konig Imagine (Mizzy)

if you havent seen this thread yet, these are 18's on a blue lagoon jetta:
someone said the 18x8.5's arent available for vw's
Re: Konig Imagine (AxEgRyNdEr)

Check out discount tires, or treadepot.com 17x7 205/40/17 899 + shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Konig Imagine (17") on a black Jetta (Mizzy)

Or you could buy mine that are for sale... -shrugs-
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