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Konig Imagine

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Anyone have these on there car....a GTi preferrably. and anyone know what is a good price?
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Re: Konig Imagine (VR6 NSC)

where did you get them from? nice lip http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
is that the silver or opal black finish?

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Re: Konig Imagine (VR6 NSC)

thanks...is that the silver or opal black finish?
Re: Konig Imagine (VR6 NSC)

Very nice. I have another question, if anyone know. I was looking into the wheel and it doesn't come in offset 35. It's like 40 or something. Will this fit on a MK6 VR6 ok?
Oh, if you have any close up pics, or closer, can I see them please? THanks.

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Re: Konig Imagine (VR6 NSC)

opps, can't type. crap. don't know if i want to go 18's.
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