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LA/OC/SD Dinner Meet Dec 15th...

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Here's an excerpt from the email that I sent out.
After much deliberation and some strong arm tactics by
one of our female participants (jewel) it was decided
that December 15th will be the night of the LA/OC/SD
dinner. Actually there is an Auto X that was
scheduled for the 8th or something like that so, it
behooved me to move it to the 15th. Sorry HK, looks
like you have three functions to attend! Anyway, this
dinner will be at the new BJ pizzaria in Irvine the
address is:
13130 Jamboree Blvd.
Irvine, CA 92602
(714) 665-8595
Fax(714) 665-8599
Here's the link with pictures for the guys:
Please try to arrive at 7pm since it will be within
the dinner time crowd, we want to make sure we get
ample seating for all that will attend. So Eric, you
need to set you clock so that you get up and arrive on
time for this
As mentioned in the previous email that I sent out,
this is open to people that want to come and dine and
talk cars or politics or life...but mainly cars;
Audi's more likely! I hope the Van Nuys KK guys can
caravan it down this way as well. We have a little
bit over 40 people on this list so if everyone is free
on that day...it'll be a nice turn out.
Lastly, I don't want to sound like a total funbuster
but there will probably be some drinking etc since you
are going to be eating pizza and all...just be
sensible about it...and NO we will not give you any
beers Ryan since you are underage...don't want to have
to answer to your parents. Hope everyone can make it.
Please email me back so I have an idea as to how many
will be attending. I will also be posting on
Audiworld, Audizine.com (if you haven't seen it check
it out) and Vortex...and if you know Audi folks that
don't frequent these sites let them know as
well...we'd love to have them.
Talk to you soon
Duan aka "so you're foofighter"
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Re: LA/OC/SD Dinner Meet Dec 15th... (foofighter28)

BOO! i wanna drink.. jk Joe will probably make me drive

So what's this for? Is this open for VW folks too?
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Re: LA/OC/SD Dinner Meet Dec 15th... (coolgirl)

technically it isn't but if you guys/gals crash it i have no control over that.
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