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lack of custom 14s?

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Anyone ever get custom/aftermarket 14" wheels? I never see them.
Is it because of lack of tire selection?
Ken H.
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Re: lack of custom 14s? (four_by_ken)

It's pretty much a lack of demand. Heck, the market for 15" wheels, as a whole, pales in comparison to wheels sizes 16-23. No company wants to sit on stock so they are eager to put out many choices in the 14" market.
Re: lack of custom 14s? (kickice24)

Actaully the market has a descent selection of 14s. I just never see people with them. I am not sure I want the large wheel look. Keep the price down, tire price down. Weight down. I am more of a 'go' than 'show' kind of guy. This is my daily driver and just looking to add a little to with without spending a fortune.

Ken H.

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Re: lack of custom 14s? (four_by_ken)

15"s are still suitable for daily use. Unless you car is completely slammed, you shouldnt rub, with the most popular sizes. I run 15" in the summer, and 14" in the winter.
Less sidewall height - better looks
Re: lack of custom 14s? (Big Dac With Fries)

15s are definately daily driveable. Just was curious about the 14s. Tires are new on my car. So, I was looking into 14 inch rims to replace the beat up stock ones.
Ken H.
Re: lack of custom 14s? (four_by_ken)

best 14" wheels IMO is some of the stock VW/Audi wheels...
P-wheels, audi R-8's (made by ronal)
teardrops, etc.... they can all look real good if cleaned up/polished nicely
i am actually working on polishing a set of P-wheels for my jetta coupe right now... boy is that a pain in the ass... but when it is done they will look very nice.. (i hope..)
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