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Lakeland, FL GTG

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Saturday December 28, 2001 in Lakeland Florida. For TDI'ers.
Post here or Email [email protected] if you can come.
More info here: http://forums.tdiclub.com/NonCGI/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic&f=18&t=000461 at Fred's page
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Re: Lakeland, FL GTG (Driv'n EZ)

All well and good, but with Fred being down "What Info?"
Maybe a little here would fill the void!
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Re: Lakeland, FL GTG (Piedpiper)

Here is a photo of the club house I'm arranging to use if there are enough people. Clubhouse is on the left side of the pool.

Overall, I'm looking for a social time, I always enjoy meeting TDI'ers and sharing stories. For possibilities, we may do some minor mechanics, and if Jim Wilson comes, he may want to set up his Upsolute stuff, but I haven't heard from him yet.
Gone Diesel has some amazing modifications, which would be benefit for people to see.
I'm going to be pulling the door panels off my car to install the leather side pieces to complete my Katzskin converion. Possibly a DieselGeek shortshift job or two.
If the weather is warm, there is a park about a mile and a half away, Lake Parker Park.
There is a gas grill behind the pool, where we can cookout and of course there is the pool, (which is heated to 85 degrees)
Swimming OK, if you want to bring your own towel.
I'm pretty much setting up for a friendly time to visit and spend some time together.
Right now, we're gathering contact with those who would like to come. I really enjoy spending time with other TDI'ers. Hope this helps PiedPiper, and others who are thinking about it.

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Lakeland GTG

So far we have a menu that includes Gone Diesel's cajun shrimp kabobs. And possible mods including our own version of the short shifter. Keep those posts coming. Hondo from Michigan is planning to stop by. Let's hear from all you Florida folks.
Re: Lakeland GTG (Driv'n EZ)

Lets get thing going. Lets hear it from the FL TDI'ers.
Central Florida GTG

Check it out. Two weeks to go
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