Imagine, if you will, that you were Italian, lived near a mountain, and were in possession of a Lamborghini Miura. Would you take any, even the flimsiest, excuse to drive it? This guy certainly did. And now it’s an excuse to watch gratuitous shots of a beautiful car in a beautiful place.


In the rich tradition of
un Rendez-Vous[/URL] and Chris Harris’s Testarossa bread run , this video has only the faintest whiff of narrative, but that’s enough to drive this three and a half minute automotive ballet.

The plot, such as it is, follows a driver who shows up to a café just as it closes. But he really wanted that cup of coffee, so he and his twelve cylinders go up an alp to a mountaintop café. As he arrives, the barista gets the espresso machine ready so that the driver can his tiny cup of coffee.

But let’s be honest, even a drop of coffee would be reason enough to take that car up that road.