Lamborghini’s equivalent of the microbus—a beloved classic whose image has inspired many concepts—is the Miura and now the brand's boss, Stefano Domenicali, is invoking the name again.

Domenicali was once again discussing Lamborghini’s post-Urus future when he told Automotive News that he was open to the possibility of creating a new Miura.

The comment was anything but a commitment as he immediately clarified that it would definitely not come in the next five years. But we do know that the company is thinking about the next 10 to 15 years.

“When this first wave that concludes around 2022-2023, more or less, we will be stable, then it’s our vision that we are already thinking of what will be the next step for the world of Lamborghini – so what will be the right way, if we are stable enough, to get to 10,000 cars? We do believe that a brand like us can have that potential,” Domenicali told CarAdvice in May.

In pursuit of that goal, Domenicali said Lamborghini's design language will help sell more cars, too.

“We used to be very polarizing,” he told Automotive News . “People loved us or hated us. Now we are trying to be more cool, younger, but as always, different.”

Lamborghini also recently admitted that it was thinking about making a four-seater sports car . That car would arrive sometime in the second half of the next decade.

In order to increase volume, the company is expanding its plant and adding 600 new employees in the next four years.

So expect to see more--as well as a greater variety of--new Lamborghinis in the coming years.

[source: Automotive News ]