The mad men and women at Squadra Corse, Lamborghini’s racing division, are testing something spectacular. The open-top car comes with bright orange camouflage wearing a warning on the doors. Attenzione macchina veloce aperta, which means attention, fast open car in Italian. Now that might be just a cheeky “warning”, but from a company that has sold vehicles named “four valve” in the past, and a country with clever car names like “four door” this could be its actual name.

It’s probably not, though, because the SCV12 that Squadra Corse showed earlier in the year wore a similar graphics package. If this one is anything like that, it would get a bespoke carbon monocoque, adjustable aero, and a V12 engineered by the racing division to make more than 830 hp. Yum.

Attenzione macchina veloce aperta! #Lamborghini
— Squadra Corse (@LamborghiniSC)
1, 2020[/URL]

Since it’s SC, we assume a track toy and not a road car (and, well, because it doesn’t have a windshield). It would sit nicely in some collector’s garage alongside the similarly screenless Ferrari Monza SP1 and McLaren Elva, but wouldn’t that be an amazing set of cars for a track rental day?

Owners of the existing SCV12 leave it with Lambo, where it’s stored in a special hanger, so this one might get the same treatment. It’s much like what’s offered to FXX Ferrari buyers.

Does a car like this make sense mid-pandemic? We’d have thought no, but Lamborghini just posted its best sales September ever, so maybe the timing’s never been better?