Anyone who has ever perused Lamborghini’s knick-knack catalog knows there’s almost no better way to elevate the price of a normal item to stratospheric proportions than a Lamborghini badge.

Well, almost no better way. Other automakers are equally guilty of selling normal crap at wild prices. But Lamborghini knows what it’s about, so it didn’t want to be outdone by some pocket-protector-wearing nerds out of Stuttgart. So it has teamed up with Supreme.

The streetwear brand got popular by combining high luxury brands with regular clothes skateboarders wore. Fair enough, combining the high and low art is a trick as old as time and one that is often revered. 

But more recently, the brand has become better known for just sticking its (stolen) logo onto any old thing and selling it for insane sums to gullible tulip traders who are getting over their bitcoin fix.

So there can be no better meeting of minds than the company that sold a brick for thousands and the company that sold a speaker for nearly $30 grand.

Or, as Lamborghini’s head of marketing, Katia Bassi, puts it: “Lamborghini recognizes a spirit and dynamism in Supreme that resonates with its own brand. This collection combines the essence of Lamborghini super sports design and performance with iconic streetwear.”
The collection includes skateboards, t-shirts, hockey jerseys, and a lime green jumpsuit that looks... safe?