Few movies have better opening scenes than “The Italian Job.” And now the Miura that made that scene so spectacular (and then heartbreaking) has finally been given the restoration it richly deserves.

The car in question is an Arancia Orange example, chassis #3586. Fortunately for everyone involved, it wasn’t destroyed for the movie.

The production couldn’t afford to destroy a brand new Lambo, so instead they found an already destroyed one in the Middle East and then switched the cars out a-la Vanishing Point .

Despite not having been destroyed, nobody quite knew what happened to the “hero” Miura. It was considered lost until 2015, when Iain Tyrrell revealed that he had the car.

The car is now owned by a collector called Fritz Kaiser and it was sent to Lamborghini’s in-house restorers (Polo Storico) to be brought back to its former glory.