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Lamp, heater control, replacing

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Has anyone replaced the lamp in the heater control of the A2 Jetta? No way of getting the bulb out is apparent. Looks as if it's molded in…
Thanks for your ideas & suggestions.
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Re: Lamp, heater control, replacing (clyde)

seperate the two peices, the grey peice from the black, carefully, they are brittle. now get the old bulb out, that's simple. now figure out your way of getting your "new" one in. a 99 cent bulb from radio shack will work fine, wrap it in green celephane to give it teh green tinge, or another color if u want. leaving it without a wrapping usually makes it too bright, and not green like the rest of the lights. glue it back together, usually u ahve to splice directly into the old connecotor, as the part u plug into on the control panel is apart of the bulb, adn gets destroyed basically.
Re: Lamp, heater control, replacing (The_Hamster)

The bulb is replaceable. When you get the 2 peices apart, in the back of the grey peice you'll see the 2 prongs sticking out from the bulb. Get a slot head screw driver big enough to touch each prong and gently push the bulb out. Then either take it to the stealer and see if it is replaceable or not. If not go to Radio Shack and do what The_Hamster said. Or paint it transparent green. or change it to a LED. or transparent red, whichever. Then just go in reverse of what you did to take it out.
Re: Lamp, heater control, replacing (clyde)

you could go to the junk yard and pick one up for like $5.
Re: Lamp, heater control, replacing (16v)

That's probably the easiest thing to do. But what if he wants to change the color of the bulb?
Re: Lamp, heater control, replacing (REDJETTAMK2)

Thanks, guys. I hoped it would be easier because that plastic cracks easily. Getting another unit is the easiest way to have light and avoid the hassle. No cheers for German engineering on THIS design!
Re: Lamp, heater control, replacing (clyde)

mines still the original light from 18 years ago! (knock on wood)
Re: Lamp, heater control, replacing (The_Hamster)

none of my HVAC backlights work
doesnt really bother me less distractions
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Re: Lamp, heater control, replacing (duff_man2000)

i more than likely did, ayup.
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