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Lancia's Fiat-derived FWD three-box sedans garnered less attention- neither the Beta-derived Trevi nor the Delta-based Prisma set the world alight. And nor did the cars that came after that, the Dedra and Lybra. Yet all of those had some worthy features, like the Trevi with the Volumex supercharger.

Based off the Fiat Tipo floorpan, the Dedra did not set the market alight but remained in the Lancia lineup through the decade, albeit a decade where Lancia's sales and profile declined markedly. Still, for the first half of its life, the Dedra had some genuine excitement. Because you could get an Integrale version, with a detuned version of the 2.0 twin-cam turbo and AWD. It may not have the power or image of the Integrale, but it was fast enough and qualified for sleeper status, like a number of Italian sedans. This model was discontinued along with the Delta Integrale. The fact that they share basic mechanicals means similar running costs, too.

Also belonging to this generation was the second-generation Delta of 1993 to 1999, which singularly failed to capture the magic of the first. There was a 2.0-litre HF turbo, but it was FWD only and no Integrale, although it cannot be judged against such.

The Dedra was replaced in 1999 by the Lybra, which had more distinctive styling but had no more impact on the marketplace despite its excellent 2.0-litre five-banger and 2.4-litre turbo diesel five-banger.
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