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part one is in the jetta IV forum for anyone interested, but here is a quick recap.
went out in my jetta
ran out of gas
walked for a while on real bad road
find out gas station is closed
call wife
walk back to car on real bad road
wait for wife
wife shows up in the corrado
goto another gas station and return to jetta
have lots of gas pour out all over me
wife goes home in corrado
i go out for about an hour and go home
well here is where it gets interesting
i am planning on taking to corrado to work today. i go and start it and suddenly feel a critical urge to check the oil. yeah i know you shouldn't check the oil with the car running. so i open the hood and notice a slight odor of gas. i check the gas line and it is wet. and i see a little smoke. ohno bad things. i ran around and shut off the car. i didn't have time to check it. and ran to work in another car. i hope it is just the flexible line and not something real bad.
oh yeah and to top it off i was taking the car to work so this guy could see it cause he was thinking of buying it. and it was in the paper today and the morons misprinted my ad to say 13,000 miles. idiots forgot a '0'..... thanks washington post. i will be calling you for my money tomorrow. guess i won't be selling my car now. at least for afew days. i want to fix what ever it is before i sell her. hopefully it isn't anything more than the hose.
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