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Found the greatest silver 2002 new beetle ever at a dealership just up the road. I love it!
The dealership seemed to have missed (or we noticed and didn't say anything) that there is in fact a 6 disc changer in the trunk. But mine doesn't seem to work .
and since it was purchased "as-is" I am hoping to find some answer on the internet.
I've read a lot of random problems with this generation's standard stereo. (whether a 6 disc trunk - like mine - or in dash)
Here's my problem:
"Chk Magazine" for quite an extended period of time
"Disc Error" on all discs I've put in.
The stereo does recognize if a slot in the magazine is empty though.
What's the deal with this, is there a fast fix, or am I gonna have to suck it up and buy a whole new stereo? (Not that I'd mind horribly)
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