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Without extraneous details (for example, why I even NEEDED a clutch): Dealer replaced clutch, including friction and pressure plates and throwout bearing. Job was delayed because wrong part initially sent (supposedly).
Pick up car; clutch chatters. Original clutch was smooth as silk from new till it failed (failure was hub, not friction surface). New plates obviously making intermittent contact; when parallel-parking or emerging from tight space--or any other low-rev situation--chatters badly.
Service Writer (!) drives car, says new clutch has an "updated" facting/friction material, needs to "wear in" (!!). Explains that new-car clutches are "worn in at the factory."
No one I know who knows cars--and these are people middle-aged with over 20 years in business, one guy in VW's, air-and water-cooled--ever heard or experienced such.
So car is back with dealer. Have I been unreasonable in not "wearing-in" my clutch? (I emphasize that the only reason I let them replace the pressure plate was to avoid inexplicable problems. The part that failed was the friction-plate hub.)
Thanks for any insight.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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