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i had posted earlier last week, that my car's temp light started
flashing, well, i checked and it was dry on coolant/water.
i topped it off, and a drives later, its flashing again, with low
water level AGAIN!
so i check everything, and i have a leak at the hose that connects
under the round ball where you add the water, and playing with it
i snapped, the top outlet house that leads to T fitting.
so now the car is undrivable, what the hell is the name of that ball
where u add coolant, is it difficult to replace, is it only that ball
or is there more attached to it?
any part numbers would be appreciated.

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Re: Leak, in the coolant reservoir? (Umbro*VR6)

Like you mentioned in the title, it's called the the coolant reservoir. Not difficult at all DIY. It's only a plastic housing with a couple of hoses and an electrical harness.
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