The LED signature game is about to take another step up. Now, not only will you be able to tell which Audi is headed your way, but if leaked photos caught by Spain’s Periodismo del Motor are anything to go off, you’ll be able to tell which A3 trim level is coming your way.

According to the outlet, the photo comes from a slide in an internal presentation showing the different light signatures available within the A3 series’ head and tail lights.

The slide suggests that the headlights will come in a variety of flavors. Basic head and taillights will be almost free of design while the farther up the range you go, the more intricate the designs will become.

It also appears that each trim (s-line, TFSIe, and RS3) will each have their own DRL design in the lowermost portion of the headlight. The most ornate and, perhaps, literal, will be the RS3’s checkered flag pattern.
We still aren't sure how much Audi will charge for this option, or how much people will pay to have it, but it remains a fun little detail.

used with permission from Periodismo del Motor​