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Check out these reported ETKA printouts that have begun floating around the web. Darkop just posted a link to these in our post earlier today about the S7. We knew a version of the 4.0T was coming for the A8, S8, S6, S7, RS 7 and RS 6 but these details really confirm more about time in market and also horsepower.

If this accurate, then we're reading this that the horsepower for the A8 fitment (above) will be 420 hp and it is expected in the market (Europe at least) by October of 2011. Also above is information for the S8 which will weigh in at 518 hp and arrive November 2011. Horsepower and arrival for the S7 (immediately below) will be 408 hp and arrive in November 2011 and the S6 (second below) will be identically powered and arrive at the same time.

Thanks darkop for sharing. These appear to be hosted by RS6.com so likely turned up there first. We sincerely appreciate the tip.
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