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Ahead of any official announcement from Lamborghini, news and photos of the upcoming LP570-4 model have leaked into the net. Courtesy Romanian auto site Automarket, we have these two images of the ultra-raw LP570-4 SV.
There are no hard details, but conveniently, Lamborghini's naming pretty much tells us all we need to know. The 570 indicates a 10-hp jump to 570 ponies, while the "-4" lets us know that this is in fact an all-wheel drive exotic.
In addition, the SV badge means that like the LP670 SV, this will be a light weight and aggressively styled Lambo (as though there were any other kind). As is obvious from the photos, there is also a significantly sized rear spoiler. Expect a total curb weight around 3,300 lbs.
We had expected this model to arrive at the Geneva Auto Show in March, but with these "leaks" often timed, perhaps Lambo's latest model will bow at the Detroit Auto Show next week.
More: Leaked: Lamborghini LP570-4 SuperVeloce Unveiled on AutoGuide.com
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