We've long known that VW planned on releasing more electric concepts than the three currently in existence and now, thanks to a leaked slide from a presentation, we have a better idea of what they will be.

The I.D. Lounge and the I.D. AEROe will be the next concepts revealed, according to the document first published on Groen7.nl . Better yet, these two new MEB-based electrics will apparently be designed specifically for the US and Chinese markets.

So far we've seen the I.D. (a hatchback), the I.D. Crozz (a crossover), and the I.D. Buzz (a van). Volkswagen has reportedly decided to produce the Buzz, though, when this slide was made that must not have been a certainty because its market was undetermined.

As for the I.D. and the Crozz, they seem to have been designed for the European and the European and Chinese markets respectively.

Whether this means they will be exclusive to the markets is unknown, though, given America's affinity for SUVs and VW's determination to give us more of them, it would be odd not to offer us the Crozz. Based on the slide, though--which doesn't offer much in the way of hints, so take your daily grain of salt--the I.D. Lounge does appear to be a big vaguely SUV-like thing.

What the veiled images mean, though, is anyone's guess because the AEROe looks a bit like a wagon. And as cool as that would be, it hardly seems likely. The name, at least, is tantalizing.

Whatever the case, the cars will sit on the MEB platform, which uses underfloor batteries to power the back or all four wheels. With a range of up to 375 miles, VW hopes to become a heavy hitter in the EV game with the I.D. family.

The first family members are expected to hit the road in 2020.

[source: Groen7.nl ]

Image used with permission from Groen7