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Cleaning Out Garage. Spare Corrado G60 parts<-----------------------------------

I was cleaning out my garage and found a pile of stuff from my old 1990 corrado with 79k miles. the cluster on the left of the picture is from that corrado (79k) plus some other parts that I didnt use but just had from somewhere else. I will be listing the prices and descriptions under each Photo. I can ship the small parts and possibly even the head but rathe have locals for the motor. PM me any offers. thank you. Enjoy...

(The long diveaxle I bought refurbished so its practically new and the small one has 79K on it with new boots(80.00 for the long one and 30 for the short) (both come with the knuckles)
the swing arms are in good condition and have black poly bushings installed. (50.00)
The front rotors are in fair good condition (50.00)

Head is $50.00 motor is free.

Charger was rebuild and small bore. 11mm belt and 58mm pulley. Worked good on the 79k corrado had no problems at all.($700.00)

Clusters. $50.00. has 79k and the other I belive came out off a 1992 G60 with 136k and not shure in the condition.($20.00)

Fan guard. Really really rare rare rare. $50.00. No deep scratches, primed.

H&R 25 mm spacers. near perfect condition but one minor problem. a couple of the holes are loosing thayr thread. can be re threaded to mint. anyways as is $50.00. I bought them new from H$R for 120.00.

Brand new. 2 the same (L and R)and one is differant, (L). 25.00 for the 2 and 10 for the single.

new boots, never been used but one looks like has cracked but not cracked open from sitting folded after time. ($20.00)both.

motor mounts $30.00 each. Good used condition.

2 g60 oem cams for $15 each and pulley is $15.00. green top oem injectors work properly for $30.00.

Bought this master cylinder but did not use it. Brand new for $40.00.

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