The Nurburgring is a notoriously difficult track to master, as countless YouTube videos will show you.  But driving your GTI around the track is the dream. So here's your chance to learn how to drive it with a professional and reduce your chances of wrecking your baby.

That’s what Volkswagen Driving Experience is offering you, that’s right you! If you and your GTI happen to be in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany this June this is your opportunity to learn to drive the world's most famous track. And better yet, you get to see a bunch of other GTIs doing the same.

The experience is being offered on June 6 and 7 to celebrate the Golf GTI’s 40 th anniversary. The packages range from 800 to 950 Euro ($900-$1075), but hurry, because there are only 100 spots available. The good news is that any GTI is invited to participate.

The package gets you on track in a GTI with the opportunity to learn the track with one of 25 professional drivers.

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