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Learning stuff...

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I'm just wondering where people learned, or are learning how to work on their cars. I'm not talking exhausts or easy things like that, I mean engine swaps and rebuilds, cams, tranny's, and all that good stuff. Do you learn by doing, or go to school for it. Just doing a little thinking thats all.
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Re: Learning stuff... (Zba)

ME-Myself. I rely on the knowlege of my fellow VW friends first, Then I talk to the Vortexers, then I consult the bible (the Bentley), Then I do it, what ever it is. Thats when I learn. You never know until you get in there and do it for your self. You always remember it when you break stuff! Then the whole procedure becomes clear, even more clear than Mr. Robert Bently could have put it.
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